Autism Experience Project

This prototype was designed to emulate how an autistic individual experiences the world around them. I based this on my own experiences along with research into how others approached this idea. The prototype focused mainly on sensory issues and lightly touched on social anxiety and social interaction. Unfortunately, little is left of the prototype save for a few screenshots.

The gameplay was simple and involved walking from the subway to a nearby club to meet a friend. Along the way, players would have to deal with harsh lighting, overbearing noise, and anxiety from large crowds. Once players met up with the friend, there was a short conversation. The NPC dialogue was ambiguous and was paired with an equally ambiguous description of their body language. The character dialogue was short, unsure, and included descriptions of intentional body language. The conversation ended in miscommunication leading to a short argument, then the game would end.

At some point I would like to return to this idea.

DRMS Series

DRMS is a semi-autobiographical series about dreams and some dreams I've had.

I'm Bored, Let's Explore

The I'm Bored, Let's Explore (IBLE) series is about two characters interacting and exploring a space together. The characters' interaction with themselves and the environment drives the story of these games; whether that's speculating about an ancient space, reminiscing about the past, or planning for the future.

Teeth Games

These two games themed around teeth came from two separate game jams. One was a local jam themed after Playstation 1-era demo disks and the other a monthly Bitsy jam with the theme of teeth (link to the jam page is located here). I ended up extending the weird teeth theme across both games to make a meta story about the demo to a cancelled action game meant to promote mouthwash, and a fan game made in response to it.

Other Games

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